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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Fuzzy26/Female/United States Group :iconmweor-art-lovers: Mweor-Art-lovers
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Tapirunt and Voltapir by fuzzball288 Tapirunt and Voltapir :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 44 22 Rock Line Sprites by fuzzball288 Rock Line Sprites :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 29 10 Merjestic and Sealord by fuzzball288 Merjestic and Sealord :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 15 5 Grass Starters by fuzzball288 Grass Starters :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 51 15 Common Rock Line by fuzzball288 Common Rock Line :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 16 11 Sea Lion Sprites by fuzzball288 Sea Lion Sprites :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 25 3 Bubbweed and Drifsea Sprites by fuzzball288 Bubbweed and Drifsea Sprites :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 24 10 Empurrion used Allergy Pollen! by fuzzball288 Empurrion used Allergy Pollen! :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 61 13 Sensarat by fuzzball288 Sensarat :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 15 8 Muddy Jungle by fuzzball288 Muddy Jungle :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 45 15 Bubbweed and Drifsea by fuzzball288 Bubbweed and Drifsea :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 13 2 Skunfume and Perfessence by fuzzball288 Skunfume and Perfessence :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 23 7 Some gifts by fuzzball288 Some gifts :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 39 2 Ostrodd and Orbizarre by fuzzball288 Ostrodd and Orbizarre :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 17 2 Fire Starters by fuzzball288 Fire Starters :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 38 8 Early Birds by fuzzball288 Early Birds :iconfuzzball288:fuzzball288 29 8
Nowadays I mostly draw and sprite Fakemon, but my gallery also contains drawings/paintings of Pokemon, mythological creatures, and birds.

Random Favourites

Aurorus by AlouNea Aurorus :iconalounea:AlouNea 374 24 Electric Girl by crayon-chewer Electric Girl :iconcrayon-chewer:crayon-chewer 1,525 52 Aqua Ring by TamarinFrog Aqua Ring :icontamarinfrog:TamarinFrog 1,510 131 Gardevoir Pokedoll Sculpture by caffwin Gardevoir Pokedoll Sculpture :iconcaffwin:caffwin 555 45 Flaaffy Sundae by HappyCrumble Flaaffy Sundae :iconhappycrumble:HappyCrumble 925 85 Break Through by Haychel Break Through :iconhaychel:Haychel 1,511 50 Torrent by MasaBowser Torrent :iconmasabowser:MasaBowser 1,746 77 omgzoroark by salanchu omgzoroark :iconsalanchu:salanchu 451 17 Granbull by Ruth-Tay Granbull :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 1,180 76 H e l l h o u n d by Puppy-Chow H e l l h o u n d :iconpuppy-chow:Puppy-Chow 457 29 Icepeak by salanchu Icepeak :iconsalanchu:salanchu 2,534 95 The Legendary Bird Trio by Ruth-Tay The Legendary Bird Trio :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 5,083 228 I should tell you by OrcaOwl I should tell you :iconorcaowl:OrcaOwl 866 102 Hydreigon by Ruth-Tay Hydreigon :iconruth-tay:Ruth-Tay 2,095 73 Comish: Bastiodon by Twarda8 Comish: Bastiodon :icontwarda8:Twarda8 541 30 #646 - Kyurem by catandcrown #646 - Kyurem :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 5,379 376
I probably fave too much but I see a lot of nice art out there. Some of the older stuff probably isn't the quality of stuff I'd fave now but if you like Pokemon/animals/fantasy it's worth a look.

I dunno about you but I always look through people's favorites :3
Like most of the people I watch here, I'm not very active anymore! I'm very busy with life, so the little time for art that I have mostly goes towards working on my game on Pokengine. If people are still interested, I could post some recent designs and sprites. I mostly just sprite now.

What's gone on on in my life over the past two years:
  • I moved in with my boyfriend
  • I finished classes and research for my Master's degree, and I'm just writing up the final thesis paper now
  • I've applied to Ph.D programs, so I'll continue to be busy for several years :P
  • I've traveled a lot, mostly for science conferences or classes: Argentina, Costa Rica, California, Arizona, and Florida
  • I got a part-time dog walking job! The cute dogs almost outweigh the horrible weather. Almost.
I've been continuing work on Pokengine, but very slowly. I added a lot of maps, so hopefully when Pokengine v8 is ready, everyone can check out my Rica region! 
  • Playing: Pokengine


Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a nerd who draws lots of birds and Pokemon :P

NNID: Pyrrasu
3DS Friend Code: 4511-0857-8735



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I've been looking for people to help me with my animation and I like the way you draw. Would you like to be my designer for my animation?? I could send you one of my creatures and see how you draw them . Also if you want to put some of your fanfic pokemon in the animation you can but I have to know ahead of time so I can add them to the anime. BTW this is a real anime, so your drawings will come to life. My anime is called BATTLE'LONEIENS the magical story book-Book One- -The Start of A New Life, Nonyon Island-
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